How to stay encouraged.

Pray When you are fed up, talk to God about it. Pour your heart out to Him! Tell him how grieved you are about what you see.

identify the burden of the lord from your own burden. Be sure that the burden you have is his burden. God may be working on the heart of someone you can’t seem to help. He may only want you to pray.
Okay, but what happens when you pray and “give it to God” and you still can’t find rest? Well, it may be that God is waiting for you to ask for an assignment.

Get your assignment
This part is hard. God may tell you to stay home and pray. Or He may tell you to go out and preach. However awesome overwhelming or insignicant your task is, when you know He has spoken, do exactly what He tells you.
So many people jump this step and just think that
there is nothing they can do (which is lie, we can all pray)
Or, they just think that their piddly little effort won’t make a differnce. May I remind you that George W Bush beat Al Gor by onle 200 votes! You can make a difference! You may wonder why no one is doing anything. Maybe it’s the same reason that no grown man would fight Goliath. Maybe you are the child David that no one notices, but whom God would love to use.
What did David have that all the mighty men of valor lacked?
He had faith in the ability of God to slay the giant.
God is looking for giant killers.
Yes, I know that ISIS seems like a deadly cancer that will take us over. WEll, guess what: ISIS is just a giant.
Your teeny little stone of faith could start a revival.
Prepare your self for the dream
go for it

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