How to Stop Isis (the letter)

The President of the Southern Baptist Convention recently sent this letter to President Obama, signed by 16 other members of the southern Baptist convention. He wants Obama to take a more active role in defeating Isis. He encouraged him to to take an Esther like stand against Isis, and told him he has the backing of the majority of evangelical Christians in America. But is one letter going to convince the President of this? Forward this post to your pastor, and encourage him to write the President. He can even collect signatures.

Here’s that letter:
Dear President Obama:

Since ISIS is a continuing threat to world peace in a way unknown to us since the Nazis of World War II, we humbly call upon you to use the influence and power of your distinguished office to take the necessary actions now in this urgent hour to bring an end to these human atrocities. The abuse, brutalization, and murder of children, women, and men that is occurring before the world calls our country to lead forward to bring this to an end.

As you do this, please know that we are not only praying for you, but assure you that you will have the unequivocal support of the vast majority of America’s largest, and some say most multi-ethnic and multi-lingual, Protestant denomination in America. The world will applaud your courage and compassion as you defend those that Scripture calls “the least of these.”

Mr. President, just as Esther led forward for the deliverance of the Jews in her day, we believe you also “have come to the kingdom for such a time as this.” You have been given an historical moment to lead in protecting the people and the principle of religious freedom in the world. We are praying for you to have wisdom and courage in this hour.

These former presidents of our Convention join me, the current President of the Southern Baptist Convention, in making this humble, but urgent appeal to you.

Sincerely and Prayerfully,

Ronnie Floyd, President

How to make a difference:
Send your OWN letter to the President. Just address it to “The White House” (yes, it’s true…you only need to put the words “The White House” on your envelope.
Then in the bottom left hand corner write attn: President Obama. That’s all there is to it.
Still nervous about sending a letter with only the words “White House” on it> Yous shouldn’t be. Billy Graham for years received letters marked with nothing but his name and city/state on it.
Still, here’s the complete address to the White House if you feel so inclined.

Also, you can contact the President directly at his website, and fill out an online form, expressing your opinion. Here is the link:
whitehouse screen shot

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