The Supreme Court Justices ruling can be overturned in three weeks

Question: What would have happened if every single pro family American had personally emailed, written, or showed up at the office of the Supreme Court Justice closest to their home?
Well, let’s see. Most American’s define themselves as Christians. And less than one percent of the population identifies as being homosexual.
That means, billions of letters, emails, and personal visits would have bombarded the offices of the Supreme Court Justice.
I think it’s time that the overwhelming majority of ProFamily Americans begin making their voice heard.
So, why don’t they?
The answer is two fold.
#1. They don’t know how
#2. They don’t know why
#3 They don’t think it would make a difference.
I would like to address the final reason first.
Everyone remembers when Al Gore narrowly missed becoming president by approximately 200 votes. TWO HUNDRED VOTES! If just two hundred liberals had voted their conscience, the Conservatives would have lost that round.
I think it’s time as Conservatives that we quit underestimating the power of our voice.
The second reason that ProFamily Americans don’t take action is because they don’t understand the gravity of this ruling. They don’t understand their personal liberty is going to be threatened by it. Perhaps they haven’t heard of the baker who was prosecuted for refusing to bake rainbow colored cupcakes for a “gay” group. Or of the Wedding Coordinator who was sued and forced to pay tons of money to a homosexual couple whom she refused to service. Even more sobering is the yet to be discovered fall out on ministers who refuse to marry homosexual couples. Will they lose their license to perform state approved marriages? Could they face penalties, fees and even more serious legal action including charges of “discrimination”? Will employers be forced to offer the same insurance benefits to gay couples as straight? The answer is “Yes”.
The first and final reason why Conservatives don’t make their voice heard is logistically simple…they just don’t know where to start. “Who do I write? What do I say? Where do I send my email/letter/feet.”?
This question is the easiest one by far to supply an answer to.
Below , I have listed the contact information for every single supreme court justice who voted for gay marriage, along with sample letters and sample emails.
This July you have a chance to present your congregants with an opportunity to make their voice heard. In a tangible effective way through the power of the pen, and through the power of sheer numbers.
What would happen if every single pastor encouraged their congregants to write down this contact information and to write these Justices? Or better yet, to stop RIGHT THEN AND THERE, and send them an email? Some churches may even have the funds to supply an envelope, a stamp, and a slip of paper at a special correspondence booth, to be completed after the service. Or before the offering. The details might vary from church to church, but the effect would be overwhelming and past ignoring.
The simple truth is, that every single Supreme Court Justice would be FORCED to yield to the will of the people.
In closing, I would like to leave you with this touching example of how much our individual voices matter.
A young child was sitting in the back of his mother’s car, during rush hour. He noticed that his mother seemed highly stressed and he asked her, “Mommy, are you mad about this traffic?” His mom replied, as they sat stalled, “Why yes…I AM mad about this traffic!” The young lad looked out the window at the snaking line of cars, and then at the reflection of his mother in the rear view mirror. And then he said, thoughtfully, “But Mommy….you ARE the traffic!”
Somebody SHOULD do something….let’s ALL be that somebody.

General Contact Information: To leave a message directly online at the government website, click the link or screenshot here: SUPREME COURT CONTACT

To send a general message to the supreme court as a whole, address your letter to:

U.S. Mail:Supreme Court of the United States
1 First Street, NE
Washington, DC 20543

To make a general telephone call to the Supreme court as a whole, call the telephone number below

(Available M-F 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. eastern)
Now, I do realize that contacting the entire supreme court as a whole might be the best that some can do, or are willing to do.
But to really make your voice heard, write and call these justices separately.
Simply address each justice in the body of the letter, if you are mailing them.
Here are their individual names and titles:
Justice Stephen Breyer
Supreme Court of the United States
1 First Street, NE
Washington, DC 20543

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Supreme Court of the United States
1 First Street, NE
Washington, DC 20543

Justice Elena Kagan
Supreme Court of the United States
1 First Street, NE
Washington, DC 20543

Justice Sonia Sotomayor
Supreme Court of the United States
1 First Street, NE
Washington, DC 20543

and Justice Anthony Kennedy. (I am not feeling it with this guy. My gut tells me he is too far gone. Perhaps you have more faith than I do. If you feel compelled to write the ring leader of this whole thing, just write him here:)

Justice Anthony Kennedy
Supreme Court of the United States
1 First Street, NE
Washington, DC 20543

These are the Supreme Court Justices who voted in favor of gay marriage.

When calling the supreme courts number, ask to speak directly to a specific Justice, addressing them by name. Then call back in a few moments and ask to speak to the next justice. Do this with each Justice, individually. YEs, it takes a bit longer, but imagine the impact it will have!

Start where you are at. Do as much as you know you will do for sure. Then do more when you have time. The important thing is to do SOMETHING… don’t put it off, please!

When you email a Supreme Court justice, you need to keep your message brief, but to the point.

Quickly touch on the facts:

Most Americans are not in favor of gay marriage
Legalizing gay marriage will affect the rights of people of faith who do not which to participate in gay marriage
Our founding fathers who wrote the constitution did not intend for it to apply to the legalization of same sex marriage.

If you just arrange these facts in the order of your choosing you will have an effective email.

When writing an actual letter, simply include these facts and any other facts that you which to bring to their attention. Try to keep your letter no longer than two pages. One is even better.

Write in a more conversational style, so these facts flow.

Avoid sounding accusatory or hostile, no matter how upset you are. Your letter will sound disrespectful and the reader will simply delete or discard it.

Also, please note that most of these Justices have their mail and emails screened. The more professional and polite you are, the more likely it is that your letter will be forwarded directly to them

Frequently asked question: Will the person in charge (in this case, the individual Supreme Court Justice) actually read my letter?

The more fair and respectful your letter is, the greater the chance it will be read directly.

BUT EVEN IF IT ISN’T, there are workers who will read your letter and who tally or calculate how many letters they receive for or against an issue. So please don’t ever think for a minute that your email or letter isn’t making a difference. IT IS!!

Here is a sample letter:

Dear Justice (put in the first and last name of the Supreme Court Justice),

I am deeply disheartened by the recent recognition of gay marriage.

Our founding fathers never intended for the constitution to be applied this way, and they would be rocking and reeling in disbelief.

The passing of this bill may mean that people of faith everywhere will lose their religious liberties and face charges of discrimination if they refuse to participate in gay weddings.

Additionally, some clergy people may eventually face the possibility of being prosecuted with hate crimes for preaching their convictions.

The legalization of gay marriage may eventually spring a stream of anti-discrimination laws which could ultimately lead to the Bible, the Koran, and other text which are held sacred, to be labeled as “hate literature”.

Please consider the implications of your decision, and reverse the legalization of gay marriage.


(your name)
Note: There remains a window of time in which the defendant can repeal this case. We have until the first of July to get these justices to consider rehearing this case. Think of all of the Christian and pro-family people in America writing, calling and emailing these Justices! If we all do our part, then together, we can make a difference!

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