Can “Gay Marriage” be repealed?

Can gay marriage be overturned?

One thing that the media isn’t talking about is the possibility of gay marriage being overturned. How can this be? After all, didn’t the Supreme Court Justices make their intentions clear enough? And isn’t it final?
Fact one: effective 25 days from the ruling, the conservatives have a chance to appeal to the Supreme Court to hear the case again.
So why would the Supreme Court ever agree to this?
Simply put, if enough of us get off of our blessed assurance and take action, they will be forced to not only hear the case, but to overturn it.
Think about it…only 1 percent of Americans identify as being gay. What does that tell us? 99 percent of Americans are straight. Furthermore, most Americans identify as Christians. Of this group, many have conservative beliefs. Particularly ProFamily beliefs. And how many straight Americans, even non-Christians, really don’t want their children exposed to open displays of homosexual affection in an openly homosexual society….my guess is, quite a lot.
See, it’s not only Christians that are disturbed by this. There are plenty of normal, mainstream, “tolerant” non- evangelicals who, despite their “live and let live” attitude, really don’t want Johnny to have to address the couple leading his Eagle Scout pack as “Mr. and Mr. Smith”.
Do you get it? WE outnumber THEM by far! The truth is, if every single person who IS disturbed by this ruling would call or email these Supreme Court Justices, make no mistake, they would HAVE to repeal this thing.
We have until July 10h to beat this deadline.
If, in this interim period, the Supreme Court is SLAMMED with letters of outrage, if every single American who is NOT for this makes their voice heard, then they will have to concede. THEY WILL HAVE NO CHOICE.
But we must act now.
If you are against this ruling, then go on facebook and encourage all of your friends and family to go to the Supreme Court’s online contact form.
Better yet, let them visit this blog, where they will find that resource and more on how to start a mail surge.
Let your Pastor know that you want to start a “make your voice heard” Sunday (This July 5th would be the perfect patriotic opportunity to move people to action).

Are you willing to commit to make a difference? We would love to her about. It really encourages us to know that WE are making a difference.

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