The call to action


I’ve noticed that there is something missing from almost every news article, every radio program and every sermon that I hear on the issue of the gay agenda.

There’s no call to action. Everyone gets all pumped up and told that they’d better wake up and do something, or they are going to lose their rights.

But no one is ever told exactly what to do. Just berated for doing not enough.

I think it’s time we all made a difference.

This Sunday, what would happen if every pastor encouraged his congregation to meet him outside the flag pole of the nearest government facility sporting the gay flag?

Did you know that many flags right now in many citites are displaying the gay flag, right alongisde the American flag? Does this make your blood boil? Good, but now what are you going to do about it? Talk about how aweful it is? Preach about it? Post a picture of it on Facebook? Wonderful, but how will that make a difference?

I can hear some sweet, endearing pastor out there peacefully mewing out an answer in hushed tones, “well. You know, I think we should just pray about this”

But for how long should we pray? and should we “just pray” about this, or would God want us to do something more?

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