The Rainbow Flag

Well, it finally happened…the flying of the rainbow flag made it’s way to my city.

First, there was the shameless display of the rainbow (whose original meaning has been perverted by the homosexual crowd) splashed in lights acrosss the White house.

I kept my cool because I reasoned, nothing like that would ever go down in MY town.

I live in a town that is mostly controlled by a religious group (which I am not a member of, and whose beliefs I am not totally aligned with) but I do respect their stand on most matters of morality.

So i was flabberghasted to see that the rainbow flag was being displayed  in MY TOWN.

No matter what town you live in, you need to get ready for this…it’s coming.


But it doesn’t have to stay. Since the inception of the Bathroom Bill, moderate Americans are waking up to the nefarious hidden plans of the Gay agenda.

This should especially concern pastors because in addition to the bathroom issue and displaying their flag publically, gays will continue to push to shut down any sermons they perceive as anti-gay.

The only way to stop this thing is to act and act now, before they gain momentum

It’s coming. Are you ready?

Here’s what you can do.

First, if you live in a town that is flying the gay flag, write to your Mayor and tell him or her that you do NOT approve.

NOTE: Don’t neglect to have your church members write all of those letters, even if the majority of the politicians are liberal

If your mayor is liberal, then write to the members of the city counsel. And if the counsel members  are liberal (and even if they aren’t) organize your church to march peaceable around the main city sector where the flag is displayed. Walk, watch and  pray.

And before you go, why not call the pastor of another assembly and invite him to invite his people to meet you there.


  • Schedule a time
  • Schedule a place
  • Invite other churches


Together, we can make a difference!





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