Time-line of LGBT agenda

Homosexual “marriage” is legalized,  thus redefining marriage in America.

The President of our country has the homosexual icon splashed all over our sacred White House with rainbow colored lights.

This sets a false premise in America that all “gay” unions are approved of by our society at large, because the current administration in Washington has officially recognized them.

With this false premise come certain assumed authorities such as considering certain behaviors discrminatory.

Bakers are sued for refusing to bake wedding cakes for “gay” couples and are ordered to pay “damages” to the customers.

A county clerk is thrown in Jail for refusing to sign “gay” marriage licenses. And she is told that she will remain incarcerated until she signs them.

A school district voluntarily award damages to a teacher who cries foul after other teachers refuse to call “her” a “he”.

Numerous school districts are charged by the courts with discrimination because their accomodations for “trangender” (?!!) children is deemed insufficient. They are subsequently ordered to allow ALL children into either locker room…

Emboldened by these rulings, the Obama administration seals it all by sending out directives to all school districts to make all school bathrooms accessible to any student who identitifies as transgender.


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