Does Hilary really think that Police are out to kill black people?

Hilary tells police to “stop the killing of black people”

Yes, it’s really true. In this video, you will hear Hilary, in indignant tones, actually admonishing police, as a whole to stop the widespread elimination of blacks.

At a time when so many are reeling from the recent killings of police gunned down by african america snipers, is such a statement even fair? Or will it incite more incidents of police violence by minorities?

Recently, snipers in Dallas took the lives of five police officers, in an act of revenge for what they thought was unfair action taken by police against several black suspects.

Think about that. Five officers, minding their own business, were killed to make things right in the eyes of the offended, and yes, their pain as black people was real. Because the truth is, there have been times when racism and corruption have been displayed by some police officers.

But taking the life of an innocent person, and forcing them to pay for the crimes of someone else, is hardly fair either.

Why was the incident in Dallas not labeled as a hate crime? Is it okay for black people to kill police officers? Many think so.


Is Hilary right in her assessment that police as a whole are trying to kill black people? What about black officers gunned down in the recent violence against officers?

Some feel that inflammatory speech like her’s is helping aid the war on police

Watch this video


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