My struggle with Never-Trump and Never-Hillary

From the Editor.

I just returned from the polling booths, and never have I felt such a roller coaster of emotions as this election week.

I think I am in good company with many other Christians when I tell you that it took a long time for reality to set in about who I must vote for.

I think the following article pretty well sums up how I felt (written by a Never Trumper).

I waited on the Lord in prayer for clear direction: and I came a way with such an awesome sense of God’s total ability to work through Trump.

I didn’t want to vote for him. I guess like the rest of us, I kept hoping for a miracle that some third party candidate, with a cool head on his shoulders along with strategy and logic would make his or her way up the ranks of the ballot.

But the day before election day, I realized…I have no clue who those third party candidates even are. Do I honestly believe that unknown person will stand a chance? I mean, I did not yet even know their name(s).

Well, I thought, maybe I should just vote for one of  them for the principle of it. But again, how would that defeat Trump?

Okay. Maybe the Lord will speak to the hearts of all Christians to vote for a third party candidate.

But are they all going to vote for the same one? (more weakening of the vote against Hillary).

But I need to tell you, in all honesty, that after I cast my vote AGAINST Hillary, I felt such relief. Not disgust, but relief. Because it’s not who I voted for, but who I voted against, that gave me such joy!

I want to tell you, I have no doubt in my mind that casting a vote against pro-abortion Hillary was the right decision.

Now, how about you? What are your morals? Do you value life? The preciousness of a pre-born baby, minutes from birth, whom we all heard Hillary refer to as a “choice”? I will never forget her eyes flashing fire as she adamantly defended the right of a mother to allow the butchering of a preborn deformed child. Focusing on all “they” (the parents) had to go through.

And I’ll never forget Trump’s humble response. He lowered his voice and said, very modestly and gravely “Hillary, no one should have that right”.

The only other time I recall Trump actually being humble like that, was when he thanked the conservative evangelicals for his support. He looked quite abashed as he said humbly “I know I don’t deserve it”.

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