Write your Senator


Dear Senator,

As you know, in late December the Obama Administration allowed the UN Security Council to pass a one-sided resolution condemning Jewish construction in east Jerusalem and the West Bank.

The decision to allow Resolution 2334 to move forward constituted a dramatic shift from the longstanding American policy of shielding our ally Israel from the worst tendencies of the UN. Resolution 2334 does nothing to advance peace in the region. Instead, it demonizes the Middle East’s sole democracy, ignores Palestinian funding of terrorism and their repeated refusals to negotiate, and undermines the peace process. Why should the Palestinians ever return to the negotiating table when they can get all they seek from the UN without making any concessions?

I’m therefore writing to ask that you join the bipartisan effort to support S. Res. 6. This critical resolution condemns Security Council Resolution 2334 and calls upon the Obama Administration to veto any further anti-Israel resolutions in that body. Please co-sponsor this resolution and vote in favor of it when it’s brought to the Senate floor.

S. Res. 6 gives you an opportunity to right a terrible wrong. I hope to see your name among those supporting this critical effort. Please help ensure that a large majority of the Senate votes to condemn this and future UN efforts to scapegoat Israel and sideline the peace process.

[Your Name]
[Your Address]
[City, State ZIP]
[Your Email]

Step one:


Find your Senator

Step two:

Contact him or her via email or regular mail. Adjust the letter above as you desire.

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