The Over Reporting of Trump

Weather you are conservative, Liberal, or just like a fair and balanced mix of multiple news worthy events, then you are surely weary with the take-over of the front page on most media sites of their favorite (not) topic. I’m talking about President Trump.

It’s not just that they are negative about the President…it’s that, lately, he is ALL they ever talk about.

Just today I went to the Washington Post, and found that every single article above the fold on my computer had to do with, you guessed it…Donald Trump. I had to scroll down to find any other article to read about. Unbelievable.


I’d expect this over-reporting of a President to go on during something like WaterGate, White-Water Gate, or even the first few days of a President’s new administration.

But every single day? For months? You’d think that even the liberals were getting tired of this over-exposure.

If you think that it’s time that the news media began fairly reporting events in a balanced fashion, if you want to hear about something other than Trump once in a while, then make your voice heard.

Call the Washington Post at 202-334-6100 and let them know how you feel.

Remember, you are the customer. They are working for you.

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