The Blatant Bias of Yahoo.

From the editor: Today, I was STUNNED by what I saw on Yahoo news:

There, on the front page, read the words “Trump is weak”. Just those three words in one phrase.

trump snip

As if that isn’t bad enough, the very headline of that article, on the same front page photo, reads “The world is walking all over Trump”

Who in the world writes this dung, commie liberals?

Have you had enough with Yahoo’s  anti-American posture, blatant bias of Trump, and beyond unprofessional journalism? Send them a note here

Then, when you get a minute, browse all of the complaints they’ve had about this. Yes, right there on their contact form is a list of all the complaints for all the news. To my utter amazement, every   single   complaint on that page was about people declaring them to be a fake news outlet.

Maybe when they hit the one million point in outraged readers, they’ll cool their jets and start presenting the facts and only the facts.
Note: This was front page news reporting this garbage, and not the opinion section.
Yahoo wins the Hall of Shame award for shoddy journalism. This is beyond fake news:   This is OUTRAGEOUS!

Again, voice your opinion here, and let Yahoo know, we will not tolerate this utter lack of class and professionalism.

Then, do the right thing: quit Yahoo. Together, we can make a difference.

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