“Technology Is a Huge Social Experiment on Children”

“These companies lied to the schools, and they’re lying to the parents. We’re all getting duped.”

A New York Times report highlighted that Silicon Valley tech elites are keeping digital devices out of the schools of their children. Tucker Carlson said on Monday they’re doing so because they know that “screens are poison.”

Author and psychotherapist Tom Kersting said on Tucker Carlson Tonight that the idea that digital devices will benefit students has now proven to be “absolutely false.”

According to Dr. Kersting, tech in the classroom is affecting kids’ emotions, contributing to anxiety, depression and suicide.

Natasha Burgert a pediatrician in Kansas City, weighed in on the matter; “Our kids, my kids included, we are subjecting them to one of the biggest social experiments we have seen in a long time; what happens to my daughter if she can’t communicate over dinner — how is she going to find a spouse? How is she going to interview for a job?”

“I have families now that go teetotal,” Dr. Burgert said. “They’re like, ‘That’s it, we’re done.’”

Rachael Brownsberger is one of those parents who did just that, banning her children from smart phones, the internet, and even television. “We took it down, we took the TV off the wall, and I canceled cable,” said Brownsberger, 34, the mother of 11- and 8-year old boys.  When one of her children requested a series of gadgets for Christmas, she replied, “Kiddo, you’re not gonna get one of those things–yeah, I’m the mean mom.”

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