How the Impeachment Process will help Trump

It’s now apparent that what Nancy Pelosi was really after all along was to smear President Trump’s good name. She claims that history will show, forever, that President Trump was impeached. Wait a minute though…this assertion is false on two counts. First, President Trump’s so called impeachment is invalid; it was set declared under a format that did not use due process, so it’s not valid. The whole meeting was planned in secret, and Republicans were not allowed to ask questions. As one analyst put it, any attorney operating this way would be swiftly debarred. So constitution and proper judicial protocol was not followed at all.

The second reason that Pelosi’s Machiavellian claim that Trump is ruined by this is none other than Former Democratic POTUS President Clinton. Hailed as a hero by his own, you’ll never hear any Dem declare that Clinton is a scum bag, which makes her ghoulish delight in Trump’s supposedly marred image, seem laughable. What a double standard! But the Dem’s have always been so great at double standards. The most comical claim yet is that they would be sending the articles of impeachment to a kangaroo court if it were to go to the senate.

Apparently, Gaslighting and Projection are the Dems favored strategies, if you can call it that.


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