“Save Our Statues!”


All over America, citizens are rising up to declare an end to the systematic decimation of our countries statues.

You can make a difference my contacting your particular city’s Mayor, and your States Governor about the issue.

Here in my town, I happened upon a woman around noon today, all by herself, with a sign reading “Save our Statues”.

This article is live and developing. I just jumped out of the jeep to interview her when a man from the House of Representatives, in my state, approached me (talk about timing).

After speaking with him, I learned that there are many MANY citizens who are disgusted with the systematic beheading and destruction of statues portraying our founding fathers, under a fake agenda of racism (read the next post). This had got to stop!

Reader, contact the mayor of your town, or any town where this is going on. Let your voice be heard! Together we can make a difference.

Here is a sample letter you can use:

Dear (your mayor, governor, or representatives name):

I stand against the lawless act of the destruction of our town (or states) statues. It’s time that the law is upheld and that criminals, with misguided agenda, are not allowed to deface public property under the guise of anti-racism. Many of our founding fathers were good people. Furthermore, some of the statues being destroyed actually depict righteous acts like the Emancipation Proclamation. The majority of Americans do NOT want our statues destroyed and our counties renamed. Please do not bow to anarchists who have no regard for the law. It’s time to honor the will of the people and protect our nation and our statues.


Your name

Copy this text, ammend with your name. Use the part in bold which is appropriate for the area of concern. Paste this into the body of your message. In many cases, you must provide your contact information. It’s time to take a stand.




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