Church—no go. Protestors? Free Pass. Learn why Americans everywhere are signing the petition for religious freedom during the Pandemic

  • New Zealand: 10 people, max, may go to a worship service at one time,  while 100 people at a time, can go to restaurants, shopping centers, and movie theaters and other public places.
  • France, Businesses given partial reopening while public Worship suspended indefinitely
  • Alberta, Canada, new guidance seeks to forbid Holy Communion by prohibiting the “sharing of communal items (e.g. communion chalice).”
  • In the U.S. states of Illinois and California, the governments will continue to restrict church services at the same time as it begins to reopen manufacturing, schools, child care facilities, and offices.

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petition for religios freedom for those who want to attend church

To: World Leaders, US State Governors, and Canadian Premiers
We, the undersigned, call on you to reject anti-religious discrimination and use the same standard for churches reopening as you would any other similar gathering place.
We want to go back to church!
And, while we will adhere to safety advice on preventing further spread of the coronavirus, we must insist that churches and church-goers be treated even-handedly when you decide on policy to reopen society.
Churches are no more inherently contagion-prone than schools, manufacturing plants, restaurants, movie theatres, or public transport. And yet, some jurisdictions are making policy to exclude church openings while allowing other similar venues to open, or partially reopen.
Even when…it could be argued that churches provide the most essential service of all.
Whether this is accidental, or whether it is by design, the situation needs to change so that churches are, at minimum, treated equally to other venues where the general public congregates.
Thank you for rejecting anti-religious discrimination, and thank you for reopening the churches with the rest of society.

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