Over 13,000 Utah voters receive ballots without a signature area to authenticate their ballot

In Sanpete County, Utah, over 13,000 ballots were mailed without one crucial component, and you won’t believe what it was.

Fox 13 Salt lake City reports that 13,000 people received mail in ballots lacking a designated area for signing their name

We all know that Voter Ballots are completely invalid without a signature and isn’t it interesting that this “mistake” happened in a heavily Pro-Trump state

“Certainly not the kind of start you want to have,” admitted Justin Lee, Utah Election Director.

And as if that’s not bad enough, also deleted on the ballots are sections for writing one’s contact information such as phone and email address.  This is huge, because without this information, there is no way to contact the voter in a reasonable amount of time without doing substantial research– thus
rendering it impossible to quickly call voters and rectify the situation.

A printing company has been cited as the reason for the oversight, but just why the error was left unchecked prior to mailing the ballots is yet to be explained.


It has recently been reported that follow up post cards will be mailed;  but will they be read? For that matter, will they even be delivered at all? News stories abound of ballots being found in dumpsters, creeks and trash cans.

And of course, reports are received daily about stolen ballots, an obvious possibility whenever ballot cross many hands.

With so much of this occurring, it’s hard to imagine either candidate accepting the results of this election.

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