Nevada Poll watchers denied legal access

schlapp in a suit and yellow tie speaking at cpac


“If they have nothing to hide, and they are not doing anything improper, they have a funny way of showing it,” said Schlapp on Fox News’ “Fox & Friends.” “When you don’t have anything to hide, you let the cameras in. In Reno, Nevada, they are literally livestreaming how every ballot is being tabulated. You can go online and watch it. Why can’t they get transparency to what’s going on in Clark County?”

Secondly, there is “essentially no signature match,” Schlapp complained.

“They have a dirty file where they mailed all these ballots, the ballots are returned and the envelopes that were returned, that they were mailed in, were discarded,” Schlapp also claimed. “We can’t see any of those envelopes. Now the ballots, the polluted ballots, are in the pile. We don’t know what the postmark was. We don’t know if they were delivered after the election. This is a disaster.”

Schlapp added that the campaign also knows that “there are more people on the voting rolls here than live here.”

“With just laptops and publicly available information, we found 3,000 people who voted in this election who don’t live here,” he said. “This is us going online and using our wits to find out what’s going on on the ground. This is a terrible way to run an election. The presidency hangs in the balance and the American people are shut out of a transparent process.”

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