51 fatalaties during Moderna Vaccine Trial

During its initial testing phase, Moderna tested its vaccines on willing, volunteer participants as part of its trial. We all heard about this. We all were assured that Moderna was doing everything it could to ensure that a safe vaccine would be made available to us. What you probably did NOT hear about were the 55 people who actually died as a result of receiving the vaccine. Not ordinary people; not someone with a cold, a compromised immune system, or someone with health problems. Not someone elderly or in frail condition. No, these people who died had been hand picked to weather a vaccine with zero risk.

Yet, they died.  So why isn’t the media covering this? Is it because of big pharma clamping down on the truth? Or is it something else?

I believe that many Americans have accepted the ideology that some people must die for the greater good. In other words, while we know there may be adverse reactions, we also have been led to believe that for the sake of the masses, it would be better if some died, while the rest were “protected” (also known as “herd immunity”).

‘This reason is flawed for two reasons. First, those who bang this ideological  drum the loudest, are lawmakers, who want YOUR family to be vaccinated…but not their own (rules for thee, but not for me).

This double standard has always existed even before Covid. Scores of Politician’s, many who pushed for mandatory vaccines, were discovered to have school age students who had not been vaccinated…hmmm.The second reason this is concerning is because, 55 people is a lot of people to die from ANY vaccines. Prior to the Covid vaccine, the bar for any type of drug was extremely stringent; scores of pharmaceuticals in testing phase, hit the floor without being released, because of even 2 or 3 fatalities. It is unconscionable that Moderna released ANY vaccines after 55 people died JUST FROM THE TESTING PHASE! This isn’t even an acceptable number for all of America!

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