Pro Life Vaccines

I’ve been trying forever to find out what in the world the scoop is on the Covid Vaccine. There is so much information out there, even from supposedly pro-life sources, that it’s hard to find answers to my questions.

The big issue with vaccines is whether or not fetus’ were used in any phase of bringing the vaccine into completion.

And I need to be very specific here because what I’m finding is, there are a lot of agencies, even “pro-life” organizations, which maintain that this or that vaccine is good, because there are no fetus’ being aborted in the creation of it. Or, maybe there are is no human tissue in the actual vaccine.

What we AREN”T being told is, while there may not be human fetus’ being aborted, currently, in the creation of the vaccine, there most definitely ARE vaccines currently on the market which were developed or tested using the stem cell lines from an aborted baby. So while there may not be human tissue in the vaccine itself, it may still have been designed with testing on the stem lines of an aborted baby.

Or, it may have had confirmatory lab testing done, after its development, to ensure that it would work.
I’m also finding that unless I mention BOTH kind of test, I may get a false answer that all is well, when all
is not.

It’s really agrravating because these deceptive answers are being given not just by the manufacturers, but by “pro-life” organizations that know better.

I’m not sure why they are leading people to accept these vaccines as pro-life when they know that there were fetal stem cells used in some phase of its creating, production or testing.

I can only guess that they feel it is ethical to use vaccines which used stem cells from aborted fetuses, as long as they didn’t abort a new baby….just used an older fetus from decades ago.

Those who are truly pro life will never accept this. Those who aren’t fully convinced of the humanity of a fetus
from conception, or who minimize a fetus as not viable, will accept this.

The contradiction is, they may maintain that they are clean from this sin, because there is no human tissue in the vaccine. But if this testing is made possible by the murder of a child, how is this ethical?

What if their own baby was murdered and then used in scientific research endlessly?

Where is the outrage?
For these pro lifers, I can only say, how do you know that more babies will not be aborted? Are we not encouraging and enabling more abortions by accepting this? And even if there is no human tissue in the vaccine, how do you know that there is no DNA in it?

Again, pro-life agencies aren’t always reporting the full picture.
Even Pope Francis has endorsed using vaccines made from human cell lines, or even containing human cell lines, when none else are available.

Statements like this, from those who should be pro-life, really aggravate me. In fact, I’ve been so frustrated finding out which Covid Vaccines are clean, that I decided to go to the source.


Well, today I called Moderna and spoke with a woman name Ranita. I asked her if Moderna’s Covid vaccine had ever used aborted fetal cell lines in the design, development, production or confirmatory lab tests on the product.
Of course, it took forever to explain this, though she was adamant that she understood exactly what I was saying.

She just kept reading this script that maintained that there were no human tissues in the ingredients of the
vaccine. I repeatedly, and patiently explained to her each time, that I was not concerned with the ingredients (pro-life sources kept assuring their readers that the ingredients were fine, so I knew that).
I told her that I wanted to know if there had been human fetal cell lines used in the design and development of the vaccine, and if the same vaccine had been subjected to a confirmatory lab test using human fetal cell lines.

She kept assuring me that she understood my question, though she still kept reading a script on how there was no human tissue in the ingrdients. I assured her that I did believe her when she told me this, but that I just wanted to know if there were human fetal cell lines used in the development or testing. Finally, after hearing again that none of the ingredients contained human tissue, I very carefully went through the different phases of creating a vaccine, being designing, developing it, producing it, and then using human fetal cell lines to do a confirmatory lab test.

I emphasized, again, that I was not interested in hearing about the ingredients. I only wanted to know about the design,development, production and testing.

Whew! after saying this half a dozen times and coming up with the same script, I finally asked her if she could
please connect me with someone who had the answers.

After being put on hold for eight minutes, I was finally put through to Raquel, a medical employee of some kind. She heard the very same questions, gave the very same answers, and then FINALLY told me that only my health professional could answer these questions. This, of course, is an absurd dismissal.

I VERY patiently explained to her that since Moderna is the company that created the vaccine, they were the ones who should know this. I said if Moderna doesn’t know the answer, no one does. She again told me to consult my health professional.

You know, I could have got angry. I could have told her that I was in a loop….I could have told her about the local news anchor who interviewed a health care worker at a Covid injection station set up for mass vaccinations. This health care professional was urging people, “Now, we are very busy. When you come in to get your shot, don’t bring a lot of questions”. And then she said something which was breath taking.

“We are not here to answer questions. We are here to give you your vaccinations.”

You see the loop, right? Moderna, the very manufacturer of this vaccine, couldn’t answer my question, but said my health care provider could. And the health care professional administering these vaccines, instructs its recipients not to ask.

As mentioned, I could have got angry. But then, it struck me:

I compassionately realized that this poor woman was caught in a loop herself. She’d been trained to always say the same thing.

Not knowing where else to get the answer, I just stayed cordial and kept asking the same question several ways while pointing out that this is my question, but your answer, again, does not address it.

And I finally got somewhere with her when I told her, look, I know that you are just an employye doing her job and I believe that you care about people. I’m not judging you in anyway here. I just need to know, so that I can tell my group (my readers) whether or not human fetal stem cells are used in any way in the creation, development, production or testing of your product. She actually acknowledged what I said, but then told me that she did not have that information. Well, this went on forever. After being told to email my question, I pretty much gave up.


It is obvious to me that Moderna is hiding something. Readers, I am on a quest….a quest for full disclosure. And I feel like the answers may take forever to find. If you have knowledge of any Pro-life vaccines which have nothing to do with aborted human cell lines, please leave a comment below or contact me. Together, we can make a difference!

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