Entire School Board Resigns

“My heart rate went sky high. I couldn’t believe the comments they were making”

In a narrative laced with profanity and outrageously inflammatory comments, a school board in California discussed their thoughts on parents who wanted their children to return to in-school learning after a long respite from school attendance due to Covid.

What the school board did not know, was that their virtual meeting, was not in “private” mode.

“Uh-oh” says one of the members, before terminating the call’s “public” setting.

Parents were naturally outraged at the derogatory comments being wished them, all the while being broadcast live.

Those in the meeting accused parents of wanting their kids to come back to school so that they could have a baby sitter and so they could smoke weed, among other outrageous insults.

Parents watch in disbelief and then petitioned to have the resignations of those attending.

All of the School board resigned within 72 hours.

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