America fights back against the mutilation of our youth

On the heels of a lawsuit from the American Civil liberties union, Attorney General Steve Marshall issued an amicus brief yesterday to stop treatments like puberty blockers and surgery for minors who believe they are a different gender than the one they were born with (otherwise known as “transgenderism”.)

Gender dysphoria, a condition in which someone feels trapped in the body of the wrong gender, is a classifiable mental illness. Bradley “Chelsea” Manning claimed to have this condition and maintained that it was this reason for the crimes he committed against our country.

However, rather than treating this mental illness through therapy, and bringing the patient into alignment with reality, gender reassignment surgery (sex change surgery) seeks to support the patient’s fantasy rather than cure them of their delusion.

This latest way of bringing political correctness into mental health has know found it’s way into pediatrics; children who don’t even know what sexual intercourse is, are allowed to say that they are a boy or girl when they are the opposite. Rather than explaining their gender to them and affirming it, very young children are being encouraged to be whatever they feel like.

This really is concerning. I have a 16 year old who maintained she was a dog up until age 8. She was adamant! And she insisted we address her as a dog. And no, I am not joking. The transgender crowd seems to feel mocked when I mention this, but it is the absolute truth. All of my family members will attest to it.
Did I damage her by not playing along with this absurdity? Following the Trangenz crowd’s philosophy, she should have been labeled “trans-species’ and had a tail sewn on her!

If you are sick and tired of this ridiculous crap, call your senator and demand some common sense from them. Urge them to join the other 17 states in supporting laws which protect our youth.

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