Too white to be a positive influence–“Whites need not apply”

Our largest local school district just voted to pay people differently, not on merit, or by the content of their character, but based solely on the color of their skin,”

State Rep. Jeremy Munson (R-MN)

According to Biz Pac Review, The Mankato School Board in Minnesota voted unanimously to pay non-white teachers “additional stipends” based only on their race, Native American, hispanic, black and all other minorities were invited to apply for the position of mentors, to earn extra money.

But somehow, this act of inclusion has eliminated the majority of teachers. That’s because, the mentoring opportunity is closed to all white teachers. So while minorites are afforded the opportunity to make some extra money on the side, Caucasian teachers are not eligible for these perks.

The reason? It’s simple. They are white, therefore they should not be allowed the same opportunity as their non-white colleagues.

Read the full story.

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