CDC says 99% of monkypox cases are with gay men

“Among U.S. monkeypox cases with available data, 99% occurred in men, 94% of whom reported recent male-to-male sexual or close intimate contact”

CDC official Website

“That’s the population we have been most focused on in terms of vaccination,” said Dr. Rochelle Walensky, Director for the CDC.

“We’re trying to contain this disease in the people who have it right now. This is a moment, an opportunity for us to do so because it is in a relatively close knit community right now. If this gets out of that community, people have totally lost the capacity to contain this,”

Dr. Ward Carpenter, co-director of health services at the Los Angeles LGBT Center

“Given the global public health implications, there is an urgency to make all COVID-19 trial data public, particularly regarding serious adverse events, without any further delay,: the editor of the British Medical Journal has warned.

A new paper by British Medical Journal (BMJ) Editor Dr. Peter Doshi and colleagues has analysed data from the Pfizer and Moderna COVID vaccine trials and found that the vaccines are more likely to put you in hospital with a serious adverse event than keep you out by protecting you from COVID.



FDA rubber-stamps Remdesivir for infants without evidence of safety, efficacy

“75% of infants had adverse reactions

“I don’t believe every pediatrician will accept the FDA’s guidance so readily.

It’s not easy to place an intravenous line to administer remdesivir in the tiny vein of an irritable baby coming from home with a positive rapid test. And then do it again the next day. And the day after that.

At some point, clinicians’ sensibilities will be challenged enough to compel them to actually examine how the FDA arrived at its conclusions. ” Madhava Setty, M.D.

CDC Updates Guidelines on Quarantine Times and Contact Tracing

3 days ago, From CDC’s official website

Contact tracing is no longer required for those who test positive for CoVid unless they are in specific communities deemed to be high risk, such as prisons or nursing homes. 

The latest update at the CDC official website explains the rationale behind the newest policy

“At the onset of the pandemic, STLT health departments aimed to investigate and contact trace every case of COVID-19.  The goal was to reduce transmission of COVID-19 by

The CDC has been routinely updating its guideline since COVID came on the international scene over 2 years ago.  Some other notable guideline changes are:

Quarantine times should be shortened to five days in response to recent data which suggests that the newest strain, Omnicron, has an incubation period of just 3 days.

Mask Mandates are being lifted in a variety of places.

Vaccines are no longer thought by the CDC to be effective at preventing COVID in and of themselves. To date, at least three shots are recommended despite promises by the Biden administration that one shot would be sufficient and would prevent mask mandates.

Legalize Abortion or Lose your Visa


BANÍ, Dominican Republic (LifeSiteNews) —According to one of the Dominican Republic’s Catholic Bishops, the American embassy has recently issued the following  warning  to legislators in the Bishop’s Island nation:

“If they don’t legalize abortion and write LGBT protections into law, they’re gonna be without visas,” ~Bishop to the Domincan Republic, Bishop Victor Masalles

On February 4, 2021, the Biden White House ordered “departments and agencies … engaged abroad to ensure that United States diplomacy and foreign assistance promote and protect the human rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender persons everywhere,” building on an initiative that began in 2011 under then-President Barack Obama.

Bishop Víctor Masalles announced that the pressure the Dominican Republic is facing to legalize abortion is intense.

The Bishop maintained that his “government knows the Congress is pro-life, and that’s a beautiful thing,”  Nonetheless:

“The president of the Senate [and] the president of the representatives” have been put on notice by the U.S. that they need to liberalize their laws or face diplomatic sanctions such as the loss of visas.” according to Massalles.

“Agencies involved with foreign aid, assistance, and development programs shall expand their ongoing efforts to ensure regular Federal Government engagement with governments, citizens, civil society, and the private sector to promote respect for the human rights of LGBTQI+ persons and combat discrimination,” President Joe Biden ordered. “And “[w]hen foreign governments move to restrict the rights of LGBTQI+ persons or fail to enforce legal protections in place, thereby contributing to a climate of intolerance, agencies engaged abroad shall consider appropriate responses, including using the full range of diplomatic and assistance tools and, as appropriate, financial sanctions, visa restrictions, and other actions.”

In 2018, nine U.S. senators asked Secretary of State Mike Pompeo for an end to public funding to two organizations promoting abortion in Latin America, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) and the Inter-American Commission on Women (Comisión Interamericana sobre la Mujer — CIM).

On March 26, 2022, there will be a pro-life car caravan demonstration on the island nation. March 25 is a national day for the unborn child, Bishop Masalles noted.

And powerful foreign elites pour millions of dollars into legalizing abortion in the Dominican Republic annually, he said.

President of Ukraine talks about Russian Agression

On February 19th, President Volodymyr Zelensky of the Ukraine addressed the Munich Security Conference regarding the crisis in his country. Below are some of the biggest take-a-ways from his speech. Read the full transcript here.

“What do attempts at appeasement lead to”?

“I hope no one thinks of Ukraine as a convenient and eternal buffer zone between the West and Russia. This will never happen. Nobody will allow that. Otherwise – who’s next? Will NATO countries have to defend each other”?

“Three years ago, it was here that Angela Merkel said: ‘Who will pick up the wreckage of the world order? Only all of us, together.’ The audience gave a standing ovation. But, unfortunately, the collective applause did not grow into collective action. 

“When will Federal Agencies Start Being Transparent with Americans?”

There have been 1 million COVID-vaccine injuries now reported on CDC’s database

Senator: ‘When will federal agencies start being transparent with Americans?’

Ron Johnson, Senator from Wisconsin

The Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System, known as VAERS, reports that as of Dec. 24, there were 21,002 COVID vaccine deaths and 110,609 hospitalizations along with a total of 1,000,227 COVID vaccine adverse events. The figures are summarized on the independent site OpenVAERS.

However, many physicians and scientists believe the true figures are much higher. Read the full story here:

Ivermectin Smack Down


Just two days  before Christmas, Dr. Scott Jensen was put on notice by the Minnesota Board of Medical Practice,

“And last night, when I got home after shopping with the grandchildren, I have this letter from the board of medical practice,” 

“You indicated that you’ve prescribed ivermectin to some of your patients for treatment of COVID-19. Pursuant to the board’s investigation of this matter, please provide the following records … copies of medical records for the most recent three to five patients to whom you’ve prescribed ivermectin to treat COVID-19.”

Citing the Physician Accountability Act, the board demanded that it “have access to hospital and medical records of a patient treated by the physician under review if the patient signs a written consent permitting such access. If no consent form has been signed, the hospital or physician shall first delete data in the record which identifies the patient before providing it to the board.”


dr jensons

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Too white to be a positive influence–“Whites need not apply”

Our largest local school district just voted to pay people differently, not on merit, or by the content of their character, but based solely on the color of their skin,”

State Rep. Jeremy Munson (R-MN)

According to Biz Pac Review, The Mankato School Board in Minnesota voted unanimously to pay non-white teachers “additional stipends” based only on their race, Native American, hispanic, black and all other minorities were invited to apply for the position of mentors, to earn extra money.

But somehow, this act of inclusion has eliminated the majority of teachers. That’s because, the mentoring opportunity is closed to all white teachers. So while minorites are afforded the opportunity to make some extra money on the side, Caucasian teachers are not eligible for these perks.

The reason? It’s simple. They are white, therefore they should not be allowed the same opportunity as their non-white colleagues.

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