How To Really Make a Difference

I can remember being so distraught about the National Cathedral allowing Muslims to take over the service. Everything in America seemed like it was on a slippery slope. More and more demonic things were happening, and it just seemed like it would never end.
Worse still was the complete inactivity I noticed from a lot of Christians. No one seemed to care! I was completely unsettled in my spirit and nothing would soothe me. I stayed up all night, simmering inside, until I remembered a quote by someone named Mike Murdock. A lot of people can’t stand him because he has more money than them. I still like something he said. Sift and weigh this quote of his. “Restlessness is nothing more than your destiny nipping at your heels, and waiting for an assignment.”

I started this blog wanting to campaign against immorality, injustice and godlessness. I thought long and hard on the best strategies for effecting change.
But when I stopped and prayed, God showed me one missing element in my strategy.
It is so important to pray about these issues.
Why do we as a people, tend to discount prayer so much?
So many times, I have asked people to pray and they usually say, yes, we should pray, but we also need to take action.
I would like to suggest the following, Yes we need to write letters and make phone calls, but we also need to pray.
If you would like to join our online intercessary team, you can sign up here.

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