How to Start a Grass Roots Movement

Running a grass roots movement happens when there is no Big “I” but everyone is equal. Sure, some has to lead it, but everyone participates and follows an understood core set of values.

A lot of people try to run a one man or one woman show, but the secret to starting a grass roots movement is to involve others, Starting with the main One:

  • interceed. Ask God for a plan
  • investigate the facts fully. What is going on, who is involved here, what is the big picture. Make phone calls to people on the right side of the issue
    and the left side to get data, gain strategy
  • inform your people. Let them know your findings and learn from their feedback (this usually starts with a few phone calls and culminates
    with a meeting of like minded people
  • inquire as to the best way to proceed. Connect with leaders and form ideas on the best calls to action. Find out who can do what, network, get
    introduced to other informed people. Collaborate
  • intiate various calls to action petitions letter writing rallies. Other will initiate as well. Let them! Learn from them! Work together
  • instruct others on how to get involved in your movement send out flyer downloads they can pass out, email campaigns they can participate in, petitions they
    can sign and also distribute,
  • invite others to start campaigns. show them how to do what you do.

It is amazing what you can accomplish if yo do not care who gets the credit.” ~Harry S. Truman