Identifying the Issue

Whenever you begin activism work, you are always dealing with more than one dynamic at a time. Let me explain: at first glance, it might seem that one issue is the main one, the big one, but after careful examination, it may become plain that more is at work here. Maybe there is a group of people who have launched their own movement to bring about an agenda they have. In that case, the “main thing” might be to merely expose these people, by bringing awareness to others who have no idea of what’s really going on behind the scenes.

Or, it could be that the issue you are concerned with reveals an even bigger issue; a global ideology. In my town, they were displaying rainbow flags concurrently with American flags on Memorial day. After researching the issue of LGBT flag displays, I found that schools in my area were indoctrinating kids into the transgender movement! While I didn’t completely abandon the first issue, I did realize that even more important things were at stake, that is, the heart and minds of our youth.

And this is the nature of investigation. You withdraw, research and analyze. And often you find agendas, strategies, and a complete labryinth of misdoings which should be tackled in order of importance.

Or you “fact check” and find that the “bad guys” are just innocent participants, following orders.

See, it’s so important when you engage in activism work, not to waste your time on side issues which could be remedied by the resolution of a bigger issue. But it can take time, research, and collabortation to identify the big picture.

That’s why it’s so important to withdraw, analyze, fact check, and work in tandem with other activists who have their ear to the ground and their heart to The Spirit.