Muslim sympathizers

If you have ever wondered about those who sympathize with Muslims, then you need to understand this:

Our nation’s leader is a Muslim sympathizer. Raised by a Shiite Muslim, Our President makes many of the decisions he makes based on his belief system. It’s a belief that many share. That is:

Muslims don’t really agree with what terrorists are doing. Only extremists do.

So what is an extremist? Is it someone who takes their religion seriously? Is it someone who believes in practicing Jihad?
Terrorists took the Koran very seriously, especially the passages on killing infidels. Does this mean that they are extreme in their faith for believing what their book said? Or are they only extreme because they put their beliefs in practice?

In the Christian faith, we have a term for people who don’t practice their faith and it isn’t “moderate”, it’s “backslidden”.

Doesn’t it stand to reason that “good” Muslims would do what their religion requires of them? Or, are thy merely unaware of the teachings of their Koran?

Perhaps when people use the term “Moderate Muslim” they mean a Muslim who doesn’t practice their faith.
But is moderate really the right term to use? Most would think that someone who practices their faith in moderation at least keeps the most basic tenants of their faith if not all.

I don’t believe that Barack Obama believes that most Muslim’s believe in committing acts of violence, though the Koran teaches otherwise.
I do believe that he is a Muslim sympathizer. Read some interesting quotes of his here

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