Title IX Petition

Reader, have you had enough of public schools promotion of the transgender movement? If so, fight back. Print this petition and mail it to your senator. Or, visit our online petition site

Dear Governor,

I respectfully request that you use your constitutional powers to block any existing or future executive orders or other legal actions which would deny the God given gender of a student, and we further ask that you make an executive order forbidding the sharing of bathrooms between biological genders in businesses and schools for the safety of our citizens and particularly for the safety and innocence of our youth.

It is not fair to expect heterosexual (straight) students to be subjected to the humiliation of being forced to share bathroom facilities with people of their opposite, biological gender.

Furthermore, using language that calls one’s opposite biological gender by their own (as in, a biological boy demanding to be called “she”) is confusing and highly inappropriate. Rather than accommodating the very small percentage of transgender students, requiring others to share bathroom facilities with the opposite biological sex as well as referring to them by their preferred genders, is unfair, and puts straight students in a situation which causes confusion, discomfort, and which violates their conscience.

For centuries, all cultures in all nations, have referred to men as HE and women as SHE. It is beyond brazen for any minimalist group to suggest otherwise, and it is an insult to the majority. It is an affront to history. It denies natural law. And it is wrong.

Therefore, I demand that all present and future legal orders be for the good of the majority, and not punish them for the preferences of the few.

I expect and require that this office NOT acknowledge Title IX (the bathroom bill) particularly in its application in public school settings., as well as any other legal rulings which put students in the awkward position of affirming or accommodating another’s “preferred” gender identification or sexual preference.


Biden’s Transgender bathroom bill will put boys and girls in same restroom

“On his first day in office, Biden will reinstate the Obama-Biden guidance revoked by the Trump-Pence Administration, which will restore transgender students’ access to sports, bathrooms, and locker rooms in accordance with their gender identity. He will direct his Department of Education to vigorously enforce and investigate violations of transgender students’ civil rights,”  Biden’s campaign website.

And that’s exactly what Biden did; on the very day that Biden was elected, with pen in hand, he signed 15 executive orders. We all saw the media proudly showing him signing a stack of leather folders embossed with the official gold seal. Next, the media strutted his orders along the bottom of the screen, as Biden chose a pen from a high quality container holding a slew of pens like a case of cigars. His hand shook slightly as he reached for it. Then, swiftly, he opened and signed each leather folder. Kamala was hovering about him like a nervous caretaker as she then pulled each signed folder to the side of the desk, tidying his work area for him. With so many leftists breathing down his neck, no wonder his hand shook!

Or, could it be that Joe was actually having second thoughts about the bathroom bill….the very bill that mainstream media refuses to elaborate on.

This is the bill that grants gender confused students the legal right to use any bathroom of their choice, no matter their biological gender.

It means that if Carl suddenly decides he wants to be Carla, then he can use the woman’s bathroom; even if Carl is a 6 year old boy.

And it also means that if a group of straight, hormonal boys lustily eye a group of young ladies enter the girls bathroom, they can jeer “so boys, are we gonna be girls for the next ten minutes…ar ar ar” and then they can use the same bathroom as your female daughter does in highschool (or middle school, or elementary school).

Yes, it only takes their word for them to be allowed in. Simply identifying as females is enough to grant any pack of rednecks into the girls room.  Beards and all. And, of course, because gender is defined as “fluid” in this bill, they can declare themselves to be girls at every bathroom break…and change their “identification” once their moment is over.

Sick. Legal. It’s here.

Contact the White House and tell them to keep biological males and biological females in separate bathrooms. Together, we can make a difference!