The Under-reporting of radical islam

CNN is among those news group that consistently “under-report” the news. In the latest story, they identify the terrorists that gunned down 19 people, merely as gunmen. They don’t even identify them as Islamic extremists in the headlines. The headline should have mentioned that this was an act of terrorism (um, like, what ELSE does one call an act of terror). They never ever identify them as being muslim extremists, simply stating they happened to be Islamic. Even this lame admission doesn’t come until further down in the article.Contact CNN directly online here; Tell them that you have noticed they tend to under-report terrorism by not calling it what it is: terrorism. Mention that they seem sympathetic to Muslims at the cost of journalistic integrity.
You can also mention the specific examples of today’s headlines and any other news article of theirs.
Here’s an excerpt:

Tunisian PM names two suspects in attack
By Jethro Mullen and Greg Botelho, CNN
Gunmen killed at least 19 people, most of them foreign tourists, in an assault on the Bardo Museum in Tunisia. Two attackers were killed, but three others remain at large, the prime minister says.

It’s not until FOURTEEN PARAGRAPHS later that they even mention that oh, yes by the way, as to whether or not they are muslim (what we all are wondering) um, yes, they do just happen to be Muslim.

What would happen if every reader left a comment on CNNs feedback, calling them out as Muslim sympathizers?

Encourage CNN to report the news accurately, not timidly.

Together, we can make a difference.

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