Was Obama really against gay marriage at one time?

Yes, it’s true. At one time, Obama actually was oppossed to gay marriage, and affirmed the institution of marriage as rightfully belonging to one man and one woman, period, end of subject.

“…there’s no way that you can reconcile those two statements…

In this article, Obama shares how he thinks that marriage should remain traditional, and that gay marriage violates his faith.
Read his pre-gay marriage statement, here:

Conclusion: It’s clear that at one time, President Obama believed correctly regarding the worthiness of traditional marriage, and the moral significance of keeping it that way. We need to pray that he returns to his original moral compass regarding marriage.

Let’s pray together for him.

Dear Heavenly Father,

We come to you in the name of your worthy Son, Jesus Christ, and we ask that you open President Obama’s eyes to the truth about gay “marriage”. Show Him that you didn’t change your mind about it, and help him to return to the roots of his Christian faith we pray. Open his eyes, and show him the truth of all things. Let him see your identity in traditional marriage, and your identity in family. Show him the full scope of your pure love and let it flood his heart with the truth. Help him to see his errors, and to return to you.

In Jesus name,