Write a Prisoner imprisoned for their faith

asia bibiAsia Bibi is a Pakistani woman who has been imprisoned for believing in Jesus. Her case drew national attention when she was charged with blasphemy laws for declaring that Jesus, unlike Mohammed, rose from the dead. This is landmark case, because blasphemy laws are not usually levied fraudulently against women in Pakistan. International powers expressed shock and dismay with the charge and the severity of the sentence. As a mother, Asia is heartbroken that she isn’t able to see her children grow. Her family has been threatened with violence if they visitor. A prominent Pastor who visited her often was murdered.

Please do the following to make a difference:
Write Asia an encouraging letter, in her own language.
Software makes it possible for you to send her a perfectly translated letters. Prisoners are not always able to read their mail, but often family members or attorneys are, and pass on the encouragement!

Contact Asia Bibi

You can also call the Pakistani President directly, here:
Exchange 9010100 & 9010200

Pris Yang RongliUrgent prayer alert!!

Yang Rongli was last reported to be in dire physical condition.

 Those in contact with her report that. she feels dizzy and disoriented all the time. Please pray for her health and that the prison officials will have mercy on her and allow her to receive treatment

Yang Rongli and four other church leaders were sentenced to criminal detention for two to seven years, for organizing a prayer rally.

Their alleged “crime”? The Chinese authorities charged them with “gathering people to disturb the public order,”

The prayer rally was held to pray for protection from evil, the day after their church grounds were raided.. During the raid, more than 30 believers were seriously wounded and 17 buildings were destroyed..

Yang Rongli is scheduled to be released in 2017.

Contact Yang Rongli

Cheng Jie

Cheng Jie, wife of Pastor/Missionary , Du Hongbo was imprisoned for creating and publishing kindergarten curriculum.

Chen Jie is the Director of the Hualin Kindergarten, and was arrested, along with two other Christians. She has been sentenced to two years in prison and fined 5,000 yuan (US $800) for “illegal business operations” by the Liunun District Court of Liuzhou. Related to this case are the more recent arrests of church elder Huang Quiru and church member Li Jiatao in their homes.

Their crime? The authorities claim that they profited illegally from the curriculum, although they only charged for the printing costs.

The interesting thing about this is why they were targeted. The curriculum doesn’t mention God and is written only about the merits of developing good character.

Listen to what their attorney says: “This is absolutely a wrongful verdict. The act of printing is not an illegal business operation, and Cheng Jie’s act of taking care of the books is not an illegal business operation. The act of shipping the books, which Huang Quirui did, is not an act of an illegal business operation,”

Authorities have had a long-running campaign against the Liangren Church and its school for promoting Christianity among young students. Authorities accused the school of violating the “Law of Education” by forcing citizens to believe in a religion. As a result of the arrests, the Liangren Church closed the school, refunded tuition, and reassigned teachers to other locations.

Cheng Jie’s husband, is a pastor and missionary. He told a VOM worker that the couple expected he might go to prison for his work, but not his wife. They plan to appeal. The couple has two small children.

Cheng Jie has been released! Read the details here 

Related Prisoners:

pris thumbnail Li Jiato

Lia Jiatao  “…the police smashed through the door”   pris huang thumb  Huang Quiri

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