CDC Updates Guidelines on Quarantine Times and Contact Tracing

3 days ago, From CDC’s official website

Contact tracing is no longer required for those who test positive for CoVid unless they are in specific communities deemed to be high risk, such as prisons or nursing homes. 

The latest update at the CDC official website explains the rationale behind the newest policy

“At the onset of the pandemic, STLT health departments aimed to investigate and contact trace every case of COVID-19.  The goal was to reduce transmission of COVID-19 by

The CDC has been routinely updating its guideline since COVID came on the international scene over 2 years ago.  Some other notable guideline changes are:

Quarantine times should be shortened to five days in response to recent data which suggests that the newest strain, Omnicron, has an incubation period of just 3 days.

Mask Mandates are being lifted in a variety of places.

Vaccines are no longer thought by the CDC to be effective at preventing COVID in and of themselves. To date, at least three shots are recommended despite promises by the Biden administration that one shot would be sufficient and would prevent mask mandates.

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