Flag day is not what it used be….

So, the Rainbow flag showed up at your city. Maybe it was outside of a school. Maybe it was outside of city hall. Maybe it was half-mast, flying full staff, or flying with no regular US flag beside it.

Weather the Rainbow Flag was flying at half-mast (or not) there’s no guarantee that it going to be taken down. Remember, this  is the same homosexual icon that was recently splashed on the side of our government’s Capitol building, the White House.

With their Rainbow Flag currently being flown as far away as Paris, alongside the Red White and Blue, is their any doubt that this is the perfect opportunity for the LBGT (q,,,xyz) community to push for its permanent display?

And if so what will that mean for America? Will the Rainbow flag become the National flag of America? Or it will it stand “respectfully” alongside old glory in days to come?

There’s no telling, but one thing’s for sure…with the transgender bathroom bill looming, and homosexuals thrusting their agenda in every opportune place, now is the time to take action…not after the fact.

There are two immediate ways to make a difference.

In addition to writing letters, you can make a show outside the area where the flag is flying. Many will say that this is just a waste time, but it’s showings like these that have absolutely turned the tide in prior issues.

If any fifty people showed up around the flag pole, the media will will notice. That in itself can launch an avalanche of protesters.

Most Americans, even “moderate” ones, politically speaking, have become fed up with the whole gay agenda and it’s intrusion into their lives and countries.

But  unless the majority speaks up, the minority will have the last say.

This week, all concerned individuals, particularly churches, need to take a stand and make their voice heard.

Call your pastor and ask him to organize a rally around the flagpole.

It doesn’t have to be fancy, just organized. Schedule a time to show up, and be peaceful, but purposeful in your appearance. Design simple signs that say things expressing your desire that your city only display old glory, and appropriate city and state flags– not alternate American flags.*

Be creative, but not abusive. And pray. Make your intentions clear in a respectful way.

Second,  have your pastor invite other Pastors to get their congregation in on the appearance. There is power in numbers but remember, even one assembly can make a difference.

Finally, don’t forget to call and write your council members and mayor. Pastors can start a mail surge by having envelopes and blank sheets ready for their congregation after church.

Together, we can make a difference.

*Already, the Gay flag has been displayed exclusively on a military base as a merging of the american flag and the rainbow colors





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