Melania’s compassion shines again.


melania hand

If you’ve been keeping up with the first lady at all, then you already know that she has a tendency to shun the spotlight and stay in the shadows– unless she needs to offer support to the vulnerable.

First Lady Melania already shown brightly in Italy when she surprised everyone by asking permission to visit the local hospital. While the President was having a meeting with the Pope, Melania took that opportunity to minister to the young patients in the hospital. She took the internet world by storm when she broke into fluent Italian, speaking freely to the seriously ill youngsters withouth the help of a translator.

Now, her true colors shine brightly again. Recently, social media has been displaying this photo of the first lady taking the Israel President’s wife’s hand after waiting for her to catch up with the group. The woman Melania assisted was slowed down due to health complications. Melania stayed behind and waited for the woman to join them, then took the hand of the ailing woman who needed an oxygen concentrator to breathe.

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